Welcome to America's Foundation MT

     No one should be surprised by the corruption in our government, what is surprising is just how much corruption there really is and the deeper one digs the more that's found. It can be difficult to stand up to or speak out against this corruption, especially when the government tries to intimidate and bully those who oppose the destruction of America. This can make you feel like you're alone and don't have a voice, but you're not alone there are millions of like-minded people all across America and you do have a voice and it's time for it to be heard. That's where America's Foundation MT comes in.

     We are a small family owned business based out of Montana. It is our goal to offer the best quality products that we can. All of our products are made in-house and proudly made in America. At America's Foundation MT we support the Constitution and stand by our religious beliefs. We make it easier for your voice to be heard and for you to make a statement. When you see someone else with our products you'll know that you have found a like-minded individual. You will never find any "woke" products sold here or a product that violates our principles. This is why we have opted to NOT accept credit card payments, because these credit card companies are not advancing the cause of Freedom their helping fund the destruction of America. We know that this decision will undoubtedly cost us sales, but it is a matter of principle over profit, because if you can't stand for your principles then you stand for nothing. All payments are by check or money order only. We hope that you enjoy our products and come back often as new products are continually added.


     I would like to give a special thanks to Mojtaba of Digitcart for making several of the modules used on this website. Such as the Product Image Carousel, the Product Image Change Option, the Download Page for the Documents and the Background Animation. I have not had better a customer service experience and would highly recommend anyone that is using the Opencart platform to build a website to look them up at Digitcart on the Opencart Marketplace at digitcart.ir